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        这两天除了忙电影的宣传外,还帮下一期的《 i 周刊》写了一个自己的专栏,跟大家分享在横店拍《画皮》的特别经历以及之前到国外拍戏去过的地方的一些心得。《誓约》明天正式上映了,很希望大家喜欢!因为是英语的,又有中文字幕,还有少量广东话,大家应该没有问题,而且是100%本地制作!大家都看过很多国外的浪漫爱情片,但总觉得失缺一些东西,如果故事发生在新加坡,那大家除了看完觉得浪漫外,还会感觉很亲切,因为电影里的画面都是大家熟悉的地方。这部电影,可以带给大家一个这样的感觉!我们的电影人很勇敢,开了第一个先河,拍了新加坡的一部英语浪漫爱情片,希望大家支持!

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See you soon!

Hi! Today is the press conference and gala for my movie “The Leap Years”. I am very excited to watch this movie the first time. It is very special because this is actually my first movie also my first time speak english in a movie. It is very touching, sweet, romantic I heard from the colleague who watched it. I think it is very easy to like this film and will be very special to you because through this movie you will see a very beautiful singapore, not other country and you will feel very close and warm.  and you will feel actually singapore is a very romantic place!

Last time I host my first tour for SAM was very successful, I am also hosting another tour for SAM on the 21st this month which is the day after tomorrow. Different with the last time, this time is another very good artiste, his style is very different and he will be also in the tour as well, not only to talk about his paintings, also will talk about love and our parents. I will share some stories about my parents at that time with you. Please come to joy us if you have time! It will be great to see you! You can call the number: 63323220. Please call asap cause there are limited seasts. Hope can see you there! Have a good day to all of you!  

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Gong Hei Fa Choi!!!

Hi! Gong Hei Fa Choi!!! Everyone! I am back! From winter back to summer. From wearing coats back to T shirt and shorts.  Time flies, last time i updated my blog was about two monthes ago, was preparing the movie, now I finished the movie and already in the new year. How are all of you doing?

The filming in china was very very opened my eyes experience, working with very professional, serious, talented actors and directors and other people was wonderful, and because it is a period movie, and I have a lot of action, my first time flying in the sky at night at -6 degrees! And I think my look in this movie will take your breath away! During the shoot, I experienced the heaviest snow in the last 50 years there and almost couldn’t catch the fly back to Guang Zhou for the chinese new year on time. We sat in the bus for about 10 hours and usually it just takes about 2 and half hours drive. Along the way,  there were a lot of accidents and we stuck in the middle of the jam could’t go forward and backward cause there was ice on the surface of the road makes the road very slippery.  When I arrived to the airport I felt like I am in the train station, I have never seen so many people in the airport before, they were all wating for their filghts and the last few days a lot of flights had been cancelled. I saw the news because there are not enough space for them to wait, the government needs to transfor some passengers to the stadium nearby. I am lucky to have a flight back although I had waited for 6 hours.

Back to Guang Zhou, met my families, very happy! Have not celebrate chinese new year at home for two years, this year we have one new member, made the feeling very different and special, he is lovely, cute, smells wonderful, everything good! And I visited my relatives everyday and we talked a lot of the experience last time they came to singapore, they still very happy about it and those jokes makes me feel all I did are very meaningful. 

I miss you all very much! Hope everyone everything is very good! Gong Hei Fa Choi! All the best in 2008!!!  

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