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        非常谢谢大家的关心!今天是我的生日,看到你们之前和刚刚留的言和时间,知道原来我的朋友很多都是夜猫子!。。。感到自己和大家的生活在不断交错,让我感觉到温暖和感动。 我觉得自己很幸福。第一次面对面的交流,没有什么花哨,既简单又直接,你们的真诚让我感动,那比什么都重要,让我觉得要更加努力,成为一个更好的演员和人,给我更多的力量面对一切。我觉得生活并不太需要什么都行,知道什么对自己重要,自己想要什么就很好了。感谢你们的心意和爱,愿你们都有美好的生活!好人一生平安!Cheers!!!


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  期待等一下的生日会,See all of you later!!!


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Wonderful people

Thank you for all the responds! I am glad that they are all positive,  Haha…

I know my fans are organizing a birthday party for me next week, It is my first time celebrate birthday with all of you, I am looking forward to it very much to see how is it going to be and how is it like to celebrate with so many people. At the same time, I feel I have changed a lot in a good way because in the past I will never do things like this, I will feel very awkward to face so many people and afraid I will have nothing to say… I think some of the reasons are I feel much closer to all of you and more open to people and feel more confident about myself.  Life is too short, better don’t have too many baggage behind, just do what you really want and show who you really are and I believe it will be beautiful.  I remember how was I like when I was a kid and I was so happy.  I still remember how I felt when I decided come to singapore all my families and my aunties sent me to the airport and I was feeling like it is the last time I see them in my life. I still remember the first night talking to my families on the phone and crying none stop and don’t let them hear. I still remember went to one friend’s house  received my Guang Zhou friend’s phone call couldn’t stop my tears when I heard his voice and everyone in the house got a shock.  Coming to singapore is one of the best thing happened in my life, but I went through some very difficult times and they all add up made me feel lost and unhappy and at that time I couldn’t find any solutions. I think I find myself more and more now,  although sometimes I still have difficult times but at least I am happier and happier and become a better person. And one of a very important thing is all my fans.  Thank you so much to be there for me and put in so much effort, I feel you are wonderful!

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What happened?

Hi all! I want to say I miss you all very much and sorry that I did not update my blog in the last 10 days,  through reading the blog I can feel all of you really miss me alot, I feel very touched and warm. Thank you so much for the care and concern! This trip I went to Shang Hai and Hong Kong for some work and meetings,  met some movie directors and producers like Bill Kong. He is the producer of Crouching Tiger Hidding Dragon.  Hero.  Lust, Caution…  He brought me to the set of one japanese movie which now shooting in Shang Hai film studio called Dance Subaru, on the set I met one very popular star who I also like a lot call Naoi Momoi (桃井熏). She is the female lead in this movie.  Because our Raintree Pictures is involve in this movie, so it will be shown in singapore next year. It is a very ineresting and inspired charming movie. I also went to the party after the gala of Lust Caution in Shang Hai.  Met Ang Lee and the lead actress Tang Wei. I am very happy for them because i heard the movie received very good responds. Later in Hong Kong after I watched this movie, I feel very proud of everyone in this film because it is such an different asian film and it has a lot of depth, very powerful, real. Eventhough it is Ang Lee, I am sure he took a lot of strength and hugh effort to make this film. I heard he cried in the Tai Pei gala.  Not easy for him and everyone. In Hong Kong, I did a photo shoot for the Dior watches for one regional magazine Men’s UNO , I think you can find it in singapore too when it is published. I also went to Hong Kong to do the first special imaging for my movie PAINTED SKIN.  They are very professional and creative.  After all these work, I went back to my home town Guang Zhou to visit my families and also celebrate my little nephew’s first month celebration and my father’s birthday. My nephew is very cute, want to bring him back to singapore! They all happy that i went back. Ths is a very good trip. Very special to me. For a very weather driven person the weather was perfect too! Not so cold not so hot, just a bit chill.  All of these,  What can I say? 

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